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"You can have Excuses, or you can have a Career, but you can't have both."   


~B. Harvey


Paperback & Kindle


Motivational How To Lessons for Actors to Inspire Growth and Success to Empowering Your Self-Sustaining Actors

About Us


Actors Whole was created by Brent Harvey who was inspired to share his knowledge and experience he has accumulated over years of working his way up in Hollywood as an actor, writer, director and master acting teacher, with as many people as possible in hopes to help guide and inspire them on their journey


Whether starting out in junior high drama class or a professional in Hollywood we all need mentors, and for many years Brent didn't have one, which left him feeling adrift and frustrated, which added unnecessary difficulty to an already difficult career path for the simple fact that the old way of thinking was not to share information, for fear of being replaced. 

We know now more than ever the more you give, the more you get, it's the Law of the Universe. There isn't competition because we all have something special within us that makes us irreplaceable

Therefore Actors Whole is focused on giving actors as much information and confidence to go out and succeed by finding their own voice and create their own success by Empowering Your Self-Sustaining Actor.

Empower Yourself Today!


You inspired me to begin to create my own opportunities. Creating the work I want to see that feeds my passion. "What am I waiting for?!"... 


~ Gabrielle Walsh (Shameless, East Los High, The Vampire Diaries, Paranormal Activity)

Brent Harvey has become a huge inspiration to me and I strongly believe his impact on my life lead me into the successful career I've started. Not only is he an incredible acting coach with the ability to find choices and strengthen the relationships in no time at all, but he is one of the most confident, compassionate human beings I have met in LA. He cares. He wants to see others around him succeed, and he will do whatever he can to guide you into a more confident successful version of yourself. 

  • Lorynn York (Dear White People, Struggleing, Airplane Mode, Alibi, Roommates)

Brent Harvey is not only one of the most talented acting teachers in LA, but one of the most professional people I have gotten to work with as well. As one of my teachers he broke through to me on a personal level and helped me develop my own method for acting. He has one of those truly unique abilities to see in every actor what it is distracting their work from discovering their true talent. But then teaches the industries' most valuable lessons in managing your career and how to grow yourself as an attractive business. I always learn something new about myself when I'm working with Brent, and his tenacious diligence and discipline motivates me even further on the path to living my dream as a working creator in LA. 


  • Christian Olivo (Insecure, Versace, Colder Than Ice, Turning 25)

I can honestly say he is one of the best acting coaches I've ever had. He taught me so much about connecting with my scene partners, accessing emotions, and breaking down walls, which of course are all extremely important for acting, but the most valuable lessons I got from him were the lessons of self-love. Brent helped me see not only the value in myself, but also the value in LOVING myself. I got out of a dead end relationship, people were treating me differently, and I opened up immensely in my craft. All because he taught me that I deserved to own all of the amazing things I have to offer. Since then, my work continues to grow. I'm not ashamed of myself anymore. Not even those messy scary parts... because let's be honest, those are now my favorite parts to access in my work. I'm so thankful that Brent took the time to get to know me as an individual, push me when I was being resistant, and be gentle with me when I was at my most broken and vulnerable.


  • Alex Owens-Sarno (Titanic, A Closer Walk With Thee, The Sluagh)

Brent Harvey is one of the best acting coaches I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He teaches how to be an "emotional athlete" in a fast-paced industry and helps you to recognize your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Not only did my work improve, but so did my confidence and self-esteem. If you're looking to expand your capabilities and confidence as an actor I highly recommend working with Brent.


   - Rachele Schank (One Last Night, Agent X, Awakening Arthur, Snapchat)

Brent Harvey has to be one of the most passionate teachers  in Hollywood! His focus is not only to spread his acting knowledge but to make sure that you as an actor grow as much out of your comfort zone as possible to reach your full potential. He thrives by the growth of his students. I have in the shortest amount of time understood what I miss to take me to the next level and I thank Brent for that!

  • Marco da Silva (Sara's Exchange, Britney Spears Live, Kylie Minogue)

Free Training Video


Empower Courses


Empower Your Self-Sustaining Actor Online Course

This powerful 13 video online course gives you the straight to the point and direct time tested steps you need to learn and apply in order to take charge of your habits and mind in order to achieve the success you desire in your career and life. 


Ensure Your Success with simple yet powerful tools that will give you the power and confidence to create the career and life you want.

A 13 video step by step process that will guide in into shifting your belief's and creating a plan of action for success.  You simply have to do the work.


Free Digital Copy of Book with course.   


Empower Your Self-Sustaining Actor book

Tired of working hard and not getting the results you want? Learn simple yet powerful tools you can use to create the career and life you want with focus and confidence.

This 78 page book will guide you through a step-by-step process of shifting your belief's and creating a plan of action for the success you desire.  You simply have to do the work.


Luck is when Preparation & Opportunity Meet. Be Prepared. Be Successful

Available in Paperback & Kindle


Script Analysis & Character Breakdown Course

This course will teach the actor how to:

  • Create the world within the script

  • Develop a Character

  • Fulfill the scripts emotional and physical beats truthfully

  • Develop and connect to the relationships within the script

  • Make every word have meaning and make sense

  • Give the Actor confidence in themselves and their work

  • 10 lessons with worksheets


Get started on stepping out of the crowd and begin Empowering Your Self Sustaining Actor.


Weekly Full Length Video Lessons

If you like FREE and like to learn and get a dose of motivation check out our daily videos.


Topics range from: Acting Technique, Self Motivation, Creating Content to The Business side of Acting.


A new  video will be everyday M-F. 

Get Motivated. Get Educated

1:1 Skype Coaching

- Weekly 1 hour - one on one coaching 

- Direct personal support throughout week

- Create a specific career plan for you

- Set personal and professional goals and the steps to achieve them.

- Development of Script breakdown

- Scene study

- Auditioning techniques

- Paradigm shift

- Social media marketing

- Content creation

Apply Today!

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